Trailer Soultions Financial Loans
You have a wide range of choices in the programs Trailer Solutions offer depending on the type of trailer, the cost, and your credit situation. Each situation is different- let Trailer Solutions help you with yours.

Trailer Solutions is available for all trailers and in all states except Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii, Louisiana, Montana, Rhode Island and West Virginia. Click here to apply!
Sheffield Financial More than one million people have used the power of Sheffield Financial’s specialized financing to take control of their motorcycles, snowmobiles, personal watercraft, all-terrain vehicles and lawn equipment, as well as the one-axle trailers used to transport them.

Sheffield Financing is only available with Interstate, Pace and Sure Trac Brand Trailers and available in all 50 States. Click here to apply!
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Personal Finance Many of our customers choose to go with a local finance company when choosing short term loan. Personal Finance is only available for Illinois and is available for all trailers. Loan application is completed by hand at R and P Carriages.
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An application can be completed and faxed to 815-357-9920 or mailed to:

R and P Carriages
PO Box 1252
Seneca, IL 61360